Kerala houseboat packages are exotic and world known. The fascinating beauty of Kerala's backwaters and a houseboat cruising that need no introduction for a travel. A Kerala Houseboats cruise along the serene backwater stretches of Gods Own country is known as the most enchanting holiday experience in India today. The vast and magical blue back waters flowing through the isolated small villages with ancient Chinese fishing nets, white water lilies, lush green paddy fields, coir makers, , small temples and coconut grove are amazing experience. A full board houseboat tour would provide you with most memorable experience on the back waters of Kerala and rare opportunities to capture some of the interesting facts about the life of local village people. Kerala Houseboats are huge wooden made country boats that were used in the early days for the transportation of local raw materials and commodities from the isolated & back water covered interior villages of Kerala to the nearest towns and warehouses. With the gradual development of roads, bridges and ferry services, these boats went off the scene. Now these vessels are back again with luxury amenities as a major tourist experience in Gods own country. A Kerala houseboat's size vary from, about to 90 feet in length and a width of around 15 feet , big houseboats with up 110 feet long and up to 20 feet wide. The raw materials used for making the boats are all local like Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, designed coir carpets etc. Modern Kerala houseboats are 1 bed room to up to 8 spacious bed rooms according to its size with Air condition, large balcony, LCD TV, attached bathroom with modern fittings, separate Kitchen etc.

Cuisines & Meal Plan offered in Kerala Houseboats

On a full board houseboat cruise all your three meals will be provided as complimentary at a delicious manner. We offer traditional and healthy Kerala cuisines with non veg side dishes usually but it's often ready to meet the taste & demand of every guest with multi cuisine menu.


Food menu

Welcome drink


1. Rice, 2. Sambar, 3. Mixed Vegetables Thoran (Carrot, Cabbage, Beans), 4. Mezhukupurathy (Long Beans), 5. Fish Fry (Pearl Spot / Seer Fish), 6.Banana Kalan, 7. Pappadam, 8. Salad, 9. Pickle, 10.Tropical seasonal fruit.


Coffee or Tea, Banana Fritters


1. Chappati 2. Dal Curry, 3. Chicken Roast 4. White Rice and Raitha,.


Tea /Coffee Bread, Jam, Butter, Omlette. OR Iddly, Sambar. (By default) OR Dosa, Sambar. OR Poori Masala. OR Idiyappam and Kadala Curry / Egg Roast. OR Appam and Vegetable Curry / Egg Roast. OR Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Houseboat Staff

Total three staff will be on-board to treat you royally, includes a chef and two crew members. Chef will be interacting with guests to know their taste, likes and dislikes etc. also to ensure a homely atmosphere in preparation and serving of local as well as other kind of cuisines with genuine hospitality. There will be 2 additional crew members except chef to assist you and make sure all other activities are going smoothly. They will be taking care of you and keep the boat clean and hygienic along the cruising.

Kerala Houseboat Tour Itinerary

Guests can check in the boat at 1200 hrs, when you will be welcomed with Tender coconut/fruit juice by the service boy followed by a short introduction about the cruising and the local geography. Later cruise starts and you will be taken to the magical water ways of Alleppey/Kumarakomback water villages. Relax and enjoy the canals, rivers and backwater, at 1330 hrs houseboat will stop for your lunch, with lavish menu of traditional Kerala cuisines with healthy dishes.( North Indian or any other food is available if requested in advance) By 1430 hrs continue the cruising that covers beautiful rivers and canals shaded with coconut trees and small village houses dotted over there , green paddy fields, old Churches, etc, You can get down to the surface in between and can experience the taste of Toddy( soft traditional liquor taken from Coconut tree ). You can also buy fresh prawns, crab or other fresh fishes from local fishermen and your chef will prepare it as per your taste. At 18 00 hrs the houseboat will anchor in our private anchoring area. (Till next day morning 07 00). Sometimes the boat will stop near to the landscapes, as you can also get a chance to go out and roam around the riverside or villages and come back, Evening Enjoy your Dinner and leave all worlds behind you and have a good sleep in your floating paradise. Next day at 0630 hrs, wake up to a bright day with pollution free air have your Bed Coffee, enjoy the sunrise .Breakfast will be provided at 0800 hrs which include bread, butter, jam together with Iddaly/ Dosa, Chutney etc. 09 Am is the time to say good bye for houseboat and you can check out to proceed for your further destinations.

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